Water is the Universal Foundation of Life On Earth — It Must be Safe and Abundant

Before the pipes run dry you must already have in place the understanding of what to do along with the skills and supplies needed; in other words — it’s too late to start digging a well once you’re already thirsty.  Lack of proper water readiness during emergencies will cause major stress and great discomfort within hours.  Without adequate sanitary water, injury and death can happen in two or three days.

Our modern water utility infrastructure is a marvel of engineering with its inter-connected systems of electricity, communications, transportation, pipes, pumps, reservoirs and chemicals — all of which, along with operating and maintenance personnel are necessary to keep municipal water flowing.  This interconnected dependence makes delivering vast quantities of safe water possible, but that same complexity of inter-linked systems means that a major breakdown in one area can cascade into a long-term breakdown of water delivery.

For true water preparedness you must recognize the seriousness of the issue; Begin now — and never stop — improving your water preparations.  You must store enough water to keep you going, be able to find replacement water, and have multiple reliable ways of purifying it.  On this account (making water safe) you’re not being told the whole story about making contaminated water safe to use.  It’s not really hard to do, but it is more complex than the manufactures and marketers of equipment and chemicals want you to believe.

Now is the time to come to grips with the reality of what it really takes to become your own supplier of safe water.  Waiting until the need is at hand is not a survivable option for you or the people around you.