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One of the most important things you can do to prepare yourself is to learn as much as possible! Our education series is real-life tested to help you be truly prepared.

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You haven’t truly learned something until you’ve experienced it. Try new skills on your own, or join us for classes and activities in person or online.

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Of course you’ll need to purchase things to prepare yourself for uncertain times. Through real-life testing, we’ve collected the very best products for our shop.

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You’re not truly prepared until you’ve also prepared your family and neighbors. Join our effort to help as many as possible feel the security of being prepared.

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Preparedness Modules

Safe Harbor Alliance uses preparedness modules to categorize many important aspects of being prepared for uncertain times.
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Safe Harbor Alliance has been created to fulfill the purpose of helping anyone and everyone, who so desires, to secure a more hopeful life in this complex and perplexing world. Our information and products are centered around provident living, on being positioned and prepared to thrive regardless of what is happening and to acquire and maintain a spirit of adventure. Learn more about Safe Harbor Alliance


Strategic Preparedness Radio Show

Each Monday at 5pm Jim Phillips of Safe Harbor Alliance hosts a radio show on a variety of preparedness and provident living topics. View Archives

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