The Captain’s Table Food Storage Offer

The Captain's table food storage

The Captain's Table Stowable Cuisine provides your family with:

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strongThe HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure the freshest, most nutritious food possible. We never use artificial flavorings or colors. Our foods are never genetically engineered. We freeze-dry or dehydrate only the best ingredients, and package them to order to ensure freshness.

moneyThe MOST FOOD for your MONEY

We don't ever want to leave our customers feeling hungry in an emergency! Our one month supply actually provides 3 full meals a day for 35 days, our six month supply has enough food for 3 meals a day for 7 full months, and our year supply gives you enough meals for 14 full months of food!

runThe MOST CALORIES per day

Our meals are portioned for at least 2000 calories per day with 2 full cups per serving. Many of our competitors' year supply options provide as few as 1200 calories per day, and as few as 2 meals a day. Be sure to do the math and make sure you are getting enough food give you the energy you really need!

vegThe MOST NUTRITION per serving

Our meals are nutritionally balanced by nutritionist Fred Bowman PhD. They include plenty of fruits and vegetables, real beef and chicken, a variety of food groups, and high protein grains to give you the nutrients your body needs.

bowlThe MOST DELICIOUS recipes

Our food is so delicious, we've never lost in any of our blind taste tests against our competitors. Even kids ask for seconds!

clockThe MOST CONVENIENT system

Our food is easy to store, easy to transport, and easy to prepare. Our waterproof buckets with hinged lids provide easy access.  Their square shape means they have small footprints to take up less space in your home. A variety of foods in each bucket lets you use just one or two buckets at a time while the rest stay safely sealed. The color coded food pouches are easy to use, and in only 10 minutes after adding hot water, your meals are ready to eat!


Captain's Table Food Storage Comparison Chart


With The Captain's Table Stowable Food Storage, you'll never go hungry!

Survival can be hard work. If the going gets tough, you'll need enough energy to keep you going. Eat up to 2685 calories per day and still have enough food to last an entire year. Or, at the standard 2000 calories per day, your storage can last up to 490 days! Go ahead and compare us to other easy-prep food storage methods. At just $3.41 per 1000 calories at this discounted price, we're offering you the very best value for your money.

Many food storage brands reduce the calories per day, or even the meals per day to make it look like you're getting a better deal. Jim Phillips talks about this in a recent radio program.

You’ve really got to hear this. You are going to be at least surprised, if not shocked.

Nutrition Principles and a Review of Captain's Table Stowable Cuisine:

Check out how The Captain's Table Stowable Cuisine really compares in cost per meal based on a 2000 calorie per day/3 meals per day diet:


And at 2000 calories per day, The Captain's Table is the longest lasting food storage option.


  • 24 Easy to carry buckets (12 GOOD 2 Go Buckets and 12 Expansion Buckets)
  • 1 Get Out of Dodge (GOOD) 2 Go Bucket also doubles as a 72 hour food supply for a family of five
  • 2 Full cup servings per meal
  • 3 Full meals per day
  • Over 2000 calories per day
  • No chemicals, preservatives or MSG
  • No sodium chloride - any salt used is superior sea salt
  • No refined sugar - any used is evaporated cane juice sugar
  • Non GMO
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Hearty consistency
  • Taste test approved
  • Quick fix meals ready in 10 minutes after adding boiling water
  • Convenient pouches for easy preparation and portions
  • Buckets are easy to stack and store - Only takes 6 x 6 feet of wall space
  • 840 entree servings and 420 breakfast servings! That's an extra 60 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner!
    See the full menu
  • Sprouting seeds to produce up to 180 lbs of fresh sprouts
  • 12 full months of food storage for one person
  • Includes Cook & Carry Thermos Kit ($140 value)

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