The Care and Maintenance of PALS™ Technology Clothing

Education_9PrepModules_Clothing_Care_and_Maintenance-image_article HOW TO WASH YOUR COLD WEATHER CLOTHING:

Your foam clothing should be hand washed with mild liquid detergent, which dissolves faster and rinses more easily than powdered detergents.

A bath tub works very well for washing your clothing. Use hot water, but not so hot that it hurts your hands. Squeeze and compress the clothing In the hot soapy water, but NEVER wring out your clothing, this will damage the cell structure of the foam.  After you have thoroughly washed the clothing then continue the squeezing and compressing the clothing as you rinse all of the detergent out of the clothing.  Next, simply fold them in half and tightly roll them up to effectively expel the water. When you have compressed the water out hang the clothing to drip dry. You can tumble dry the clothing using a low heat setting  During emergencies, or if you are in a rush, after squeezing out as much water as you can, put on the clothing and wear it to finish off the drying process, your body heat is sufficient to dry the clothing. As you can imagine, they are uncomfortable when you first put them on wet, however, they will warm up shortly and dry surprisingly fast as you wear them.

      -Hand wash (do not use a washing machine)
-Use mild liquid detergent
-Use hot but not water so hot water that it hurts your hands
-Squeeze and compress, but never wring out the clothing
-Drip dry

-Place the clothing on hangers for storing
-NEVER vacuum store the clothing it will damage the cells
-If you need to ship your clothing, it is okay to compress the clothing to fit into a smaller shipping package. This will greatly reduce the shipping costs because of the ‘dimensional weight” charges.  It is important that the clothing is decompressed and gently shaken out and put upon hangers as soon as the clothing reaches its destination.