The History of PALS™

Gil and Jim Phillips, father and son inventors and developers of foam cold weather clothing.

The History of PALS™

The genesis and development of the world’s ultimate cold weather technology began as a father’s answer to a problem facing him and his son, and their desire to continue their cold weather/snow camping adventures. The problem that was threatening their winter sport was discomfort and pain.  Gil Phillips, the father, told his son Jim, that if they didn’t come up with a solution to the pain of hypothermia, that they would have to put an end to their back country winter adventures.

Gil, being a brilliant engineer seized upon the insulation properties found in open cell foam and hence began the

father and son developmental team’s time line of over 50 years, that lead to the creation of the world’s ultimate cold weather clothing technology.

As Commander James “Jim” Lovell of Apollo XIII says:

“His cold weather protection system (PALS™), unlike any other available, is capable of providing indefinite protection in the  most severe cold weather known to man.  Without a doubt, we’ll continue to use the system on our future trips to the cold weather extremes of the world.”

For a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary history of PALS™, please see the HISTORY OF PALS™ video below!


This 44-minute video quickly covers the key areas and highlights in the development of what is now known as PALS™ and FoamClothing™