CONTACT… A commitment to communications.

All of us at Safe Harbor Alliance are strongly committed to pleasant, timely and professional communications. We are a small company with a small staff of dedicated professionals and whenever we are unable to communicate with our customers in present time, we will return the communication, whether email, phone call or letter no later than 48 hours after your attempt. As our staff increases we will move this window back progressively, until we can handle over 90% of all incoming communications in real time and we will return emails and letters the same day we receive them.

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Contact Information:
Salt Lake City – 801-503-0322 phone and Fax
Toll Free – 888-896-9361

Phone Extensions:
Customer Service ext-1
Foam and foam clothing ext-2
Scheduling speaking events ext-3
All other communications ext-4


An office location where do our events and handle our day to day operations located in Lehi and we have our warehouse where we store and distribute our foam and products that is located in South Salt Lake.

All purchases are to be made through our online store.

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