12/1/2015 – A Doctor’s View of Medical and Health Preparedness

Safe Harbor Alliance radio show

The Safe Harbor Alliance Radio Show
Date: Dec 1, 2015
Time: 8:00 – 9:15 pm Mountain Time

Host: Jim Phillps
Guest: Dr. Robert A. Arbon (MD, ENT)

A Doctor’s View of Medical and Health Preparedness
(This program was originally broadcast March 1, 2011)

There is more to being prepared for medical emergencies and health challenges during hard times and disasters than a first aid kit.

We’ll explore some of Dr. Arbon’s experiences, beliefs and practices to avoid illness and disease and some ways to deal with circumstances when normal support systems are not functioning.

He discusses the serious health issues associated with synthetic and artificial sweeteners, especially high-fructose corn syrup. By the way, Aspartame
is a great ant killer.

Another important discussion includes the modern issue of fever-phobia and how overcoming it will help you get well more quickly.

Guest Profile:

Dr. Robert A. Arbon (MD, ENT) was classically trained in medicine.  Because of his natural curiosity and desire to keep learning he became very interested in topics that were not presented in his initial medical education.

He has studied, personally practiced and shared where possible his learning in the areas of natural, companion, holistic and nutritional therapies.  One significant focus is to prevent health issues rather than treating them once they’re established.

Dr. Arbon’s professional training and background:

  • Graduate, Univ. of Utah Medical School – 1964
  • Internship & surgery residency: Oakland, CA, County Hospital
  • Specialty Training ENT (Otolaryngology) – Univ. of Utah Hospital & SLC  VA Hospital
  • Army Cold Weather School – Fort Greeley, Alaska
  • Chelation therapy certified

Other professional experience includes:

  • Surgeon – two years U.S. Army Medical Corps
  • 1968-9 Vietnam 101st Airborne MASH unit
  • Finished Vietnam Tour as MASH Company Commander
  • His MASH unit treated over 300 wounded soldiers/mo
  • Treated over 300 individuals/mo sick from Malaria & other tropical diseases
  • Dr. Arbon retired after 34 years of private medical practice

Dr. Arbon has extensively studied non-traditional and companion therapies that include a strong interest in nutritional treatments and preventative health measures.

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A Doctor’s View of Medical and Health Preparedness



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