DYI Clothing

Education_9PrepModules_Clothing_DYI Clothing_Article_image-If you decide to make your own cold weather clothing, Safe Harbor Alliance will do everything we can to help you accomplish this by providing you with the instructions, materials, and patterns to create either the ½” foam clothing (TJs) or the 1” foam clothing (PALS).  Making TJs can be done with a home sewing machine, but the 1” PALS foam clothing requires a professional sewing machine.

The core component of the PALS™ technology cold weather clothing is the open cell polyurethane foam.  It is important to obtain the very best foam, as ALL FOAM IS NOT SAME! There are very specific properties that must be present in order to provide you with the functionality as specified in the PALS™ technology.  Different foam materials may look similar, but they most certainly DO NOT perform the same!  When you make the investment in such a critically important product, which at the least will reduce suffering and at the most may save your life, it is prudent to obtain the foam that will perform according to the specifications of the PALS™ technology which will assure of the needed performance and durability.

To better understand the value of the proper materials, please check out the following videos!

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Winter Clothing Evaluation and Comparison Video

To obtain all of the things you require to make your own PALS™ technology cold weather clothing proceed to the STORE.