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The Deadly Twin Sisters of Misery, Disease, and Death
presented by Jim Phillips and Safe Harbor Alliance

FREE 3-Hour Compact Class

This new class, The Deadly Twin Sisters of Misery, Disease, and Death (EXTENDED), looks at the overlapping and sinister challenges of failed sanitation and lack of water, both are all too common following disasters.  In this version, it has been extended by the addition of the full class #4201- Urine.This intense three-hour compact class includes a multi-page handout of key principles published no place else.  It includes directions on linking to over six-hours of online instruction on water that will reprove and correct the incomplete and potentially dangerous emergency water information being provided by most of the preparedness industry.

Below are short descriptions on the three segments to this combined class-set.

Water — First store water, and then have foolproof ways of purifying highly contaminated water.  On this account (making really bad water safe) you’re not being told the whole story by the “preparedness industry”.  It’s not really hard to do, but it is more complex than the manufactures and marketers of equipment and chemicals want you to believe.  There is NOT currently on the market one inexpensive (less than $1,000) stand-alone device that will reliably deliver 5–25 gallons of absolutely safe water 24/7 from truly filthy water for weeks on end without constant costly maintenance, or the use of large amounts of scarce energy.  However, there are viable answers that you can learn and implement at modest cost.

Sanitation — Twin sister to the water issue is the broad spectrum of sanitation needs arising when there’s no water to the sinks, showers, toilets, and washing machines.  Sickness and disease caused by failed sanitation is something most people have never experienced.

To the vast majority of families around you, sanitation is a hidden deadly disaster.  You, and those in your area, must properly care for and dispose of human waste, protect your home environment, keep things cleaned up, have the necessary cleaners and sanitizers, control pests and vermin, take care of personal hygiene, and protect yourselves from serious contamination.

Urine — Commonly considered a waste, but what’s the truth really?  Within the American culture and psyche a powerful yuck-factor has developed around human urine.  In reality urine is an important resource to conserve and utilize during times of deprivation and great need.  Now is the time to begin changing attitudes and practices of how to use it, rather than discarding it.

One challenge was how to classify this course.  Directly or indirectly it could be placed in any number of the Nine Provident Living Modules: Clothing, Water, Sanitation, Nutrition, Shelter, Wellness, Tools and Supplies.  However, Jim decided to place it in with the sanitation classes, since most people will think of it in those terms.

So, is urine a waste, or a resource?  You will need to learn, and decide for yourself.

The Deadly Twin Sisters of Misery, Disease and Death (EXTENDED) —  <span “font-size:12.0pt;=”” mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt”=””>It is vital to recognize the full spectrum of water/sanitation issues, and prepare to overcome them before they overcome you and your household.

Jim Phillips is one of the top educators on preparedness and self-reliance, having taught classes on self-reliance to Fortune 500 companies, every branch of the United States Armed Forces, foreign nations, and untold thousands of individuals across America…  for over 30 years!

The world is spinning out of control.  This is your chance to take the initiative and learn from the best!