Life Happens



Life Happens — Get Ready to Make It An Adventure, No Matter What

To some “preparedness” is daunting, (too much, too fast, too complex) even frightening.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  First, recognize that there are only “Nine Key Areas” that cover everything you need to know, do and have for both normal everyday life and any disaster that might come along.

The second thing to grasp is that you don’t need to know, do and have everything.  For one thing, it’s not possible for one person or household to own it all and be able to do it all.  With this in mind, people should stop frantically dashing around trying to memorize everything and buy everything to “be prepared” for a serious breakdown.  This does not mean to slow down or stop efforts, but to get the Nine Key Areas right to eliminate confusion, uncertainty, wasted time, energy and money.

Having said all this, there are two critical things that constitute the first and worst Black Hole of Preparedness.  Get everything else perfect, but fall short in either of these two areas, and when it gets really bad you won’t make it:

  1. Your Head and Heart — Attitude, Outlook, Emotional Resilience & Spiritual Foundation
  2. Your Community — Post-event we’ll all be in it together, so develop the working relationships now while you have control and can make good choices

Miss here and you become a victim filled with fear only able to survive if some outside group comes to your rescue (FEMA, Red Cross, National Guard, UN Relief Agency, etc.). 

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