12/8/2015 – Modalities and Therapies for Health and Healing, Part-1

Safe Harbor Alliance radio show

The Safe Harbor Alliance Radio Show
Date: December 8, 2015
Time: 8:00 – 8:50 pm Mountain Time

Host: Jim Phillips
Guest: Dr. Jed Adamson

Modalities and Therapies for Health and Healing, Part 1
(This program was originally broadcast June 19, 2012)

There are three phases to health and wellness, each of which is used as needed at various times in life’s journey:

  1. Remediate and Restore to Optimal Health and Wellness
  2. Maintain Optimal Health & Wellness
  3. Interventive Treatment of Injury or Sickness to Regain Optimal Health & Wellness.

All around one hears of various methods, modalities, therapies and products that promise to give everything one might want for health and well being.  Some of these are new and just bursting onto the scene, others are established with a documented track record, some are ancient in origin, some are accepted by mainstream medical organizations in this country and others are accepted and widely used by the medical field in other developed countries.

For some of these methods there is mostly anecdotal history, while others have years of clinical evidence for their efficacy.  However, the real question is – how might one go about choosing the best process for healing and health recovery in a world where the oft herd cries are, “Lo over here.”  “No, over here.”  “No!  Over here!”

We’ll explore many of these areas of health and healing with Dr. Adamson, ND, NMD, DSc.  Dr. Adamson’s broad and eclectic background in health and wellness gives him a unique professional view into this important area.

Guest Profile:

Dr. Jed Adamson (ND, NMD, DSc) brings to his profession a blend of traditional medical training enhanced by a deep understanding and experience with natural, companion and holistic approaches.

For the past 12 years he’s operated the Adamson Naturopathic Clinic in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Dr. Adamson is also the founder of the Intermountain College of Natural Health.

For 20 years, he was a certified professional in Idaho Emergency Medical Services: 12 years as an EMT, 8 years Advanced EMT, Cardiac Tech,  Advanced Course Coordinator and Special Pediatric Airway Instructor.

His professional training and certifications include: • State of Idaho – Advanced EMT, • Myotherapy College of Utah-Massage Therapist, • International Academy of Medical Acupuncture-Fellow, • Central States College of Health- NMD, • Westbrook University, DSc

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Modalities and Therapies for Health and Healing, Part 1

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