Nutrition Principles and a Review of Captain’s Table 1-yr Supply


Nutrition Principles and a Review of Captain’s Table 1-yr Supply

Instructor: Jim Phillips (view profile)

Technical problems during edit have prevented Jim from broadcasting part two of the program he started last week with Dr. Fred Bohman.  It will take him 12 to 18 hours to recover and repair the program, and there was not enough time to do it this week — so it was time for him to quickly punt with something he was planning to do in a couple of weeks.


Jim was wondering how our new food storage offering compares to the others out there — after all, everyone and their cousin is selling food storage.  So why would anyone buy The Captain’s Table from Safe Harbor Alliance?

First, you back everything up to principles — “what’s the truth really”, and “how do things actually work”.  Next, where is the value, is it really there?

In this program Jim briefly reviews some of the provident living nutrition principles he’s been teaching in classes for years.  Then Jim presents his finding in his first “quick” value comparison of the new foods Safe Harbor is offering.  (It took him more than two days to ferret out comparative information on other manufacturer’s web documents, and then standardize them to give a level playing field—and he’s not done yet.)

You’ve really got to hear this.  You are going to be at least surprised, if not shocked.  More and greater details will be published on the Safe Harbor webpage in the very near future.

Instructor: Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips is a nationally known speaker and teacher who has professionally taught thousands of classes all across the United States for 40 years. For a number of years prior to this career, his hobby was teaching cold weather safety & survival.

Jim is a strong advocate of self-reliance living and family preparedness. He developed an entire preparedness curriculum by asking himself the question “What if?” and then setting out to discover what actually does and does not work.

The answers he seeks (and then teaches) must be based on true principles derived from first hand experience. Above all else, he believes that attitude and practical knowledge is more critical to survival than having a bunch of “stuff.”


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Nutrition Principles and a Review of Captain’s Table 1-yr Supply

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