P.A.L.S.™ Performance Standards


The PALS system consists of the following five items:

PALS FoamClothing™
ALS Skills & Practices
PALS Winter-Living Doctrine
PALS Understanding of the Cold
ALS Confidence Based on Experience

[two_third_last]Many factors affect the comfort range of clothing components. We take a very conservative approach when answering the common question of “How Cold?”

The real questions to ask along with “How Cold” are: [1] for How Long, [2] at what Activity Level, [3] what are the Environmental Conditions, [4] with what Other Clothing Components and, [5] what Physical Condition and Health. All of these have a very significant affect on the comfort range of any clothing for a given individual.

The P.A.L.S. technology when understood and properly used as a system offers remarkable comfort and survivability over an extremely broad range of temperatures and conditions.1989 Popular Science article for PALS™ Drawing by Joanne Harlow.

A greater understanding of the practices and technology of PALS™  can be found on the Winter Safety Made Real (WMSR 2290) DVD and CD set, as well as on the Clothing 2100 DVD Your Personal  Portable Shelter.

1989 Popular Science article for PALS™ Drawing by Joanne Harlow
1989 Popular Science article for PALS™ Drawing by Joanne Harlow





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