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Failed Sanitation Will Kill the Ignorant and Unprepared.

Sanitation is like a parachute – if you get it wrong, you die. To stay healthy, our modern-day high-tech society is dependent on a functioning infrastructure of power, water, sewer, abundance of chemicals, and tax-funded services. Because of the intricacies and interconnectivity of our infrastructure, we’ve become susceptible to serious breakdowns. The sickness, disease, and pestilence caused by failed sanitation are issues that most people have not dealt with. It’s vital to learn the full spectrum of sanitation issues and prepare to deal with them before they overcome you and your household.


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  • Part 1 – Failed Sanitation Kills: This is the foundation for everything that follows. It is vital to understand the issues and how truly vulnerable we have become. Each subsequent section builds upon and complements prior information.
  • Part 2 – Care and Disposal of Human Waste: You must have a sewer-down solution. Failure to properly handle and dispose of human waste will spread disease, leading to sickness, suffering and death.
  • Part 3 – Protect the Home Environment: Whether you have been able to stay at home or have had to evacuate, it is imperative to maintain a clean and sanitary environment around you (keep things cleaned up, have needed cleaners and sanitizers, be prepared for pest and vermin control).
  • Part 4 – The Priority Need for Personal Care: When water, sewer, power, heat, etc. are functioning, personal hygiene is pleasant and easy. When these things are unavailable for extended periods of time, staying clean and hygienic is challenging, but imperative for health and well-being.



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