Recap & Review

Strategic Preparedness Show moves to Monday at 5pm

Bad News/Good News

The Bad News:

This week we won’t have a live show – it’s basketball season, and there’s a live game during our usual time slot for the next two weeks.

The Good News:

This gives you time to catch up on any episodes you may have missed! Take the time to download worksheets, listen to the programs, watch any videos, and better understand how you can use the content to better yourself and your family.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, please go back and review to see what you can implement. Maybe you can purchase needed items, or talk to family members about what you’ve learned. Remember, Information times Experience = Knowledge. Get some experience with the concepts we’ve covered.

Here’s a quick recap of the topics we’ve gone over so far:

Strategic Preparedness Episode 1: What is Strategic Preparedness?
An overview of the topic of strategic preparedness and some basic information to get you started.

Strategic Preparedness Episode 2: Life Happens, Make it an Adventure
Being prepared has a lot to do with your attitude. Learn about how to change your thinking in order to better your odds of survival.

Strategic Preparedness Episode 3: Who Packed Your Parachute?
Purchasing a kit at the store will do little to prepare you for unfortunate events. Find out what you should be doing instead.

Strategic Preparedness Episode 4: We’re in this Together
In a crisis, you really can’t go it alone. Ultimately in order to recover from a major event it will take a “community” working together.

Strategic Preparedness Episode 5: Building Strategic Community
Are you a contributor, or a consumer? How will you work with, or deal with others after a major event?

Strategic Preparedness Episode 6: Are You Still With Me?
Some people struggle with the idea of preparedness. How do you involve them? Plus some important concepts you won’t want to neglect.

Strategic Preparedness Episode 7: Deadly Twin Sisters of Misery: Disease & Death
Dealing with waste, garbage, gunk, and illness will be extremely difficult when we lose the “grid” we’ve come to depend on. How can you protect yourself and your family?

Strategic Preparedness Episode 8: The Black Holes of Preparedness
When you think of preparedness, you think food storage, right? Sure it’s important, but neglecting some key topics you may not have considered could be deadly, long before you’re starving.

Strategic Preparedness Episode 9: The Best Emergency Fuels
Fuels are very important when storing items for preparedness.  You’ll need heat, light, cooking, cleaning, transportation…what should you be storing, and how?

The Extra Good News!

When we come back, we’ll be presenting our show on Monday nights from 5-6pm. This is one of KLO Radio’s most popular time slots. They’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from our show. We can’t wait to share more information with you on strategic preparedness! Tune in at our new time on Monday, December 5 at 5 pm.