Strategic Preparedness – Episode 2

Life happens, make it an adventure!

What you don’t know will kill you. A knowledge void is like a preparedness black hole. How you’re prepared to meet tomorrow will make all the difference in the world.

Life should be viewed as an adventure rather than a miserable experience. It’s really all in your attitude. There are a lot of disasters and events going on in the world, and while it’s good to be aware of what’s going on, it doesn’t do any good to dwell on the bad things in life. Accept your stewardship and focus on the positive actions you can take.

Your attitude is one of the most important pieces of preparedness. You can choose to believe that you’re going to be okay, and even have joy, no matter what comes. Knowledge is a key.

Knowledge isn’t just information, it’s the experiences you have with that information. Information x Experience = Knowledge. You really don’t know something, you don’t truly OWN it, until you’ve experienced it. It’s important to know what works for you and why it works to set your true needs and priorities.

To gain knowledge you need to gather information from credible sources. We’ll talk about some of those sources to help you get started or expand your preparation for the future.

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(broadcast September 22, 2016)


Life Happens, Make it an Adventure - Handout pages 1-3
Life Happens, Make it an Adventure – Handout pages 1-3

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Instructor: Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips is a nationally known speaker and teacher who has professionally taught thousands of classes all across the United States for 40 years. For a number of years prior to this career, his hobby was teaching cold weather safety & survival.

Jim is a strong advocate of self-reliance living and family preparedness. He developed an entire preparedness curriculum by asking himself the question “What if?” and then setting out to discover what actually does and does not work.

The answers he seeks (and then teaches) must be based on true principles derived from first hand experience. Above all else, he believes that attitude and practical knowledge is more critical to survival than having a bunch of “stuff.”