Strategic Preparedness – Episode 9


In Search of the Best Emergency Fuels

There are common questions people ask about the fuels they should store for emergencies:

“Which is the best fuel to store?”

“Is there one that is the best that will cover all the bases?”

Storing different fuels is an important part of anyone’s preparedness program because they have important uses in each of The Nine Preparedness Modules.

There are some serious issues surrounding fuels that will be a part of your emergency readiness program. You’ll want to learn about the different types, their advantages and disadvantages and the safety issues surround each.

It’s what you don’t know that will get you into trouble, and can even be deadly. A knowledge void in an emergency is like a giant killer black hole that will suck you in and grind you up. This is especially true when dealing with fuels in stressful emergency conditions.

So you’ll want to get the right fuels that meet your particular needs, availability, cost, performance and safety. Your future comfort, well-being and safety could very well be at stake.

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(broadcast November 3, 2016)

What’s your biggest take-away from this week’s show? Is there anything you’d still like to learn about fuels? Please leave us a comment at the bottom of the page!

Instructor: Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips is a nationally known speaker and teacher who has professionally taught thousands of classes all across the United States for 40 years. For a number of years prior to this career, his hobby was teaching cold weather safety & survival.

Jim is a strong advocate of self-reliance living and family preparedness. He developed an entire preparedness curriculum by asking himself the question “What if?” and then setting out to discover what actually does and does not work.

The answers he seeks (and then teaches) must be based on true principles derived from first hand experience. Above all else, he believes that attitude and practical knowledge is more critical to survival than having a bunch of “stuff.”

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