The Three Black Holes of Preparedness



The Three Black Holes of Preparedness Three areas not fully recognized, respected and perfected to satisfy true readiness {Foundation 1002}

Along with the usual preparedness acquisitions of food, water, evacuation kits, flashlights, first aid supplies and a bunch of other stuff, there are three critical areas that most people treat only casually or overlook all together.  In fact, these three vital areas will get people into trouble faster than anything else.

If you are serious about Provident-Living (preparedness), then you must learn and live the key principles needed to develop a self-reliant lifestyle in readiness for whatever future may come.  Life is dynamic, changing and sometimes full of surprises.  If you are NOT ready to meet them, you will be a victim and struggle to survive.  If you ARE prepared to meet whatever may come, then life will be an adventure to be victoriously lived to the fullest.  

You have the right and responsibility to choose if you want to be a victim or a victor — so pick one — because what you don’t know WILL kill you!

Feb 11, Thurs. 7:00-8:30 PM at Bloomington Elementary School

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