Thoughts on Leadership

Instructor: Jim Phillips (view profile)

(Recorded live at a luncheon meeting in St. George, UT, 2/12/16)

When really BAD THINGS happen, cooperation needed to pull together can make the difference between life or death for individuals and whole communities.

You’ve probably personally known or at least read about great leaders, but what makes one up?  Is leadership ability a gift bestowed upon just a few, an innate quality over which there is no control?  Could you become a good leader?  Is there a lot of difference between good leaders and good followers?  Are followers an important functioning component of a community, or are they just there to follow?

Perhaps most important of all, how do you know that you have found someone worthy of you followership?

This presentation was taken from a larger program on leadership and building a resilient community capable of absorbing great trauma and then bouncing back stronger than ever.

Instructor: Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips is a nationally known speaker and teacher who has professionally taught thousands of classes all across the United States for 40 years. For a number of years prior to this career, his hobby was teaching cold weather safety & survival.

Jim is a strong advocate of self-reliance living and family preparedness. He developed an entire preparedness curriculum by asking himself the question “What if?” and then setting out to discover what actually does and does not work.

The answers he seeks (and then teaches) must be based on true principles derived from first hand experience. Above all else, he believes that attitude and practical knowledge is more critical to survival than having a bunch of “stuff.”

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Thoughts on Leadership

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