Yeah, Disasters Happen in the Winter Too



Yeah, Disasters Happen in the Winter Too — People Are Truly Unprepared to Live In Winter Without Utilities and/or Shelter {Clothing 2104}

Most people tolerated winter as a seasonal inconvenience while staying inside of a “warm box” most of the time (homes, buildings, vehicles, etc.).  Some go outside in winter to work or play for a few hours, some even a few days, but all have the firm expectation of coming back to a warm shelter and avoiding long-term exposure to winter conditions.  When things go wrong and that warm-up expectation is not met on schedule, discomfort and misery are at hand.  Serious injury, and even death can follow shortly for the ignorant and unprepared.

When utilities are off, or vehicles are stuck or broken down, when you cannot get back from an outside excursion, or when the “perfect storm” of events happen in winter at home or away, you may find yourself seriously threatened by the cold.  Being really cold is very unpleasant, and being cold for any extended period seriously impacts ones attitude and performance at any task.

You must be prepared to not just avoid discomfort in winter, but to prevent it from progressing to any level of the different cold injuries that can be fatal.  There are realistic answers for emergencies in homes where utilities have failed and backup resources have been consumed in the extremes of winter.

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